Project Inferno


Senior Character Artist

I was tasked with brainstorming possible solutions for the characters, both in terms of pipeline and aesthetics.

I explored potential eye shader solutions, texture approaches, and overall strategies for the character pipeline.

Zelia Pass

The Main character Zelia was in a proxy state and I was tasked with finalizing her and improving what was already there. I completed the textures on the existing model in a more painterly style and implemented a shader to better showcase the textures. The new shaders included a Half Lambert to reduce the amount of shadow on the character and a more cost-effective glass/metal shader. Instead of relying on perfect lighting in each scenario, we enforced a specific reflection to always be visible.

The Half Lambert shader reduced the amount of shadow on the character and allowed the diffuse color to be a little more readable. We also were able to tint the highlight color and shadow color.

Cheap Glass and Metal shader.

Base Body Pass

I started by refining the body, addressing issues like awkward proportions that stemmed from the absence of a well-defined base structure. Then, I carefully tailored the pre-made garment to fit with the newly enhanced proportions

After finalizing the body adjustments, I revisited the outfit, aiming to streamline the shapes for improved readability

We also experimented with the character’s face, exploring various possibilities and potential different expressions

Further Exploration

We played around with some new characters and tinkered with the ones we already had.